How To Sell Your Diabetic Strips For Cash

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There are various reasons why a diabetic patient may have more diabetic strips than what they may require prompting them to look for ways to sell them. Some people may need to sell their diabetic kits as a result of changing testing requirements, or their doctor may prescribe a different brand. One may also have diabetic kits of a loved one who may have passed away leaving so many diabetic strips behind hence the need to sell them and get some cash. When selling the diabetic strips, you should offer them at a discount to attract many buyers who may be looking for a diabetic kit that they can afford to purchase.

You can look for reputable buyers from online platforms that you can ship your diabetic strips to and receive cash for diabetic test strips. Searching the internet can help you identify someone in dire need of the diabetic strips which you can send to the kits at a discount and receive instant cash. Some people may pay for the shipping cost of the diabetic strips. The best approach to use to get people who need the strips is by checking on the websites that support people living with diabetes. You can also check on the support group for people living with diabetes to get those who may be willing to purchase the diabetic strips from you.

You can also look for potential clients from homes for the elderly who may be willing to purchase the strips at a discount. You can also get customers through a word of mouth where you advertise that you are sell test strips to family, friends, and colleagues. Your diabetic strips will eventually get an interested caller who will make a call and order for the delivery of the strips to their premises. Diabetic strips can also be sold near in your neighborhood and be delivered just after the order. You may know a colleague, a family friend and a neighbor who may have diabetes they might as well be willing to buy the diabetic strips from you.

The diabetic strips should be unopened and in good condition. They should be in good condition and within the specified lifespan. You should never attempt to sell expired diabetic strip or those without a seal. Some people may prefer to buy diabetic strips that are shortly dated while some prefer to buy strips that have a longer time before they survive. The precaution one should take is ensuring the strips are in good condition to ensure they serve their intended purpose to the buyer. Learn more at


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