Sell Diabetic Test Strips For Cash


There are lots of people who are suffering from diabetes who don’t have ideas that they can get cash in exchange of selling their test strips. The truth is, a number of diabetics know that they can sell these test trips and will be doing so for a number of reasons.

There are various factors to why these people have surplus of diabetic test strips like for instance, they don’t need it anymore, they have switched to a different brand and so forth which leaves them with extra boxes of unused and unopened test strips.

Believe it or not, there are various reasons for selling them and you can actually get cash in the process and at the same time, help other diabetics too. Dealers who are buying diabetic test strips are doing so for their own purpose. And the most prominent reason for such transaction is that, they are able to make good flow of money. Other dealers however make the sheer effort of helping diabetics but still, making money but selling the test trips for a lower price for those who can’t afford to pay for the full price from pharmacy due to the reason that their insurance does not cover them, they don’t have insurance or even with insurance, the deductible is still high for them.

As a matter of fact, there are plenty of reputable and well known buyers over the web where you can mail the diabetic test strips and get cash in return. Numerous of these buyers are actually willing to pay around 2 to 10 dollars per box while others are willing to pay even twice of that amount. It normally takes minutes to do research and find handful of companies as well as private individuals that are going to buy the test strips. Fact is, some even reimburse you for the cost of shipping the test strips. Cash for test strips.

For the test strips to be sold again, it has to be unopened, be in a non damaged box that’s not out of date and has ideally 6 months or more of shelf life. There are some however who buy test strips that are short dated or at least 3 months prior to expiration but would pay less. Cash for test strips.

Whether you opt to sell the diabetic test strips for cash or not, it is all up to you. On the flip side, just remember that there are others who do need them. They’d be render useless if they’ll just go into the landfill. You may also watch to know more about diabetic strips.


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